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Stop the mindless data entry and get back to the job you dreamed about. Bionic brings the joy back into advertising by automating the worst parts of your day.

Bionic is your affordable, all-in-one media buying software that helps you build superior media plans, produce beautiful advertising flowcharts, manage projects while keeping your team organized, boost your productivity, jettison low-value grunt work, eradicate errors, and optimize advertising performance.

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Media Planning Software


Create, analyze, present, finalize, and implement powerful media plans across all traditional and digital media channels. All in a transparent, globally centralized database that enforces your standards.

Media Planning

Project Management Software


Never again miss a deadline or have important tasks fall through the cracks with project management seamlessly integrated with your media buying process.

Project Management

Performance Monitoring Software

marketing performance monitoring

In today’s world, your work is just starting when your campaign goes live. Bionic alerts you to problems before they kill your campaign performance and to optimize your spending on high performing placements.

Performance Monitoring


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