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Stop the endless data entry and get back to building kickass media plans. Bionic Media Planning Software brings the joy back into advertising by automating the worst parts of your day.

Bionic is the all-in-one, accessible solution that helps you build superior media plans, produce beautiful advertising flowcharts, boost your productivity, jettison low-value grunt work, eradicate errors, and optimize advertising performance.

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For Media Directors

As a Media Director, you’ve got a big plate with A LOT on it: pitching new business, optimizing budgets, managing a revolving door of planners… Bionic is here to help you ditch the drama and start working like a boss.Learn more about Bionic for Media Directors

For Marketers

Bionic Marketing Performance Management is a low-cost, hassle-free way to precisely track your marketing performance against all your marketing objectives across all your marketing platforms in one clean, honest monitoring tool.Learn more about Bionic MPM

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