Sample Media Planning Reports

“Can you send me a report?” The dreaded request often heard by media planners like you. If your luck is the same as most media planners, it comes in at 4:59 p.m. just as you are texting your friends about the evening’s festivities. While a perfectly reasonable request from a business perspective, creating a media planning report can take hours of extra effort if you don’t have access to the right media planning tool. You can’t say no to a report request like this without looking bad. So you cancel your evening plans and work late into the night copying and pasting and formatting Excel worksheets. Ugh.

You Don’t Have to Live in Fear of Report Requests Anymore

Some of the best things about moving to real media planning software are the instantaneous access to insightful metrics and the ease of generating reports. To get even close to that level of information in Excel you are forced to do hours of painstaking labor and hand craft every report. Even if you have the time, the process opens the door to embarrassing clerical errors and nothing ensures that the reports will sync with the latest version of your media plan.

Bionic provides you with tons of handy one-click reports right out of the box. Effortlessly impress your clients with insightful and accurate reports without the extra work. Here are some examples of the most popular reports.

Advertising Flowcharts

Advertising Flowchart

Advertising flowcharts are by far the most popular media planning report. What used to take hours to create is now a byproduct of the normal media planning process. Flowcharts can be exported as either Excel, PDF, or various image formats.

You can customize these flowcharts directly in Bionic with color coding, grouping, rollups, metrics, timeframes, and more. No more bugging your designers or sitting through graphic design tutorials just to make a presentable flowchart.

Allocation Charts

Media Plan Spending Over Time

Media Plan Spending By Advertising Channel

Media Plan Spending By Model

Allocation charts help you and your clients to analyze the spending patterns of your media plan. Slicing and dicing your plans provides a better visualization of where the budget is going. Like flowcharts, these are all automatically created and available at the click of a button.

Media Plan

Media Plan Excel Export

Customers say creating media plans in Bionic’s web interface is like “Excel on steroids,” but every once in awhile you want to see that media plan in a spreadsheet format. No worries, you can press out an Excel version of your media plan, including all of your customizations, any time you want to.

Media Authorization

Media Authorization Sample Export

When it’s time for your client to approve your media plan and sign on the dotted line, you’ll need to quickly create a media authorization that’s 100% accurate. Bionic comes with a basic media authorization form right out of the box and we can easily configure the software to export to  your custom forms with required fields and legal language.

Advertising Insertion Order

Advertising Insertion Order Sample Export

Bionic makes it easy for you to generate insertion orders (IOs) when it’s time to place your buys. With batching, generating any or all of your IOs can be done with a few clicks. Like media authorizations, Bionic comes with a basic IO form, and can be customized to export to your own format.

Progress Report

Advertising Progress Report

Media planning doesn’t end once the ads start running. You’ll need to know the results in order to optimize the campaign and make adjustments to spend the budget more efficiently. Bionic gives you progress reports on all your key metrics so you’re no longer flying blind.

Pacing Report

Advertising Pacing Report

For sophisticated marketers, simply tracking progress isn’t enough because it does not answer the important question, “are we on track to achieve our goals?” That’s where pacing reports help. It provides you with a clear visual on where you stand versus your goals.

Reconciliation Report

Advertising Reconciliation Report

Paid vendors are happy vendors. As the invoices start rolling in Bionic’s reconciliation reports will show you how much was planned and how much was actually delivered month by month. This can be exported to Excel to share with peers, clients, and vendors.

And More…

The reports listed above are just a few of the more popular reports you get with Bionic media planning software.

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