Peter Platt of Accountable Digital explains how Bionic media planning software enabled him to facilitate the media planning process and create a streamlined, consistent media operating platform.

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Accountable Digital is really centered on the fact that digital marketing is supposed to help drive business results. We’re trying to help our clients sell more stuff.

Couple years ago, we decided that process was one of our core focuses from the standpoint of us being able to work more efficiently. Bionic helped facilitate process. It didn’t mandate it, which was nice. But it allowed it to fit in and get consistency.

Some of the biggest challenges in the digital industry right now are the fact that things change every day. There are so many data points. There are so many pieces that we must follow. It’s hard to stay on top of all of that today, and really make sure that you’re doing what’s next.

Bionic provided a centerpiece for us to pull all our media components together and streamline a lot of what we were doing. We were finding we spent countless hours recreating the wheel. ‘Oh, we need to do a different flow chart for this. We need to do something different for that.’ Bionic gave us that flexibility.

Our clients, I don’t think they even know we use Bionic, which is great. It’s seamless behind the scenes. What they see is consistency in everything we do.

When we give them a plan for next quarter it has got the same structure as last quarter. They know what to expect and we know what to expect and what to ask for. So Bionic has really helped from the client perspective.

We’re evolving and they see that consistency. It makes us look more professional and makes them feel more confident about the work we’re doing.

What we found when we implemented Bionic was that it was easy to do. We didn’t have to completely retrofit everything we’re doing. We could go right into using Bionic to get out what we needed.

As an agency where you’re trying to pull all these pieces together, Bionic can be a great foundational tool and it really doesn’t matter what size agency you have.

It’s going to fit with your system and it’s going to help your business grow and be more successful.

When I think about the impact that Bionic has and what it does for us as an agency, it pulls us together. It really helps streamline our processes, streamlines delivery, helps for consistency. There are so many components that Bionic is doing that it really is helping the agency over all move forward with one of the more critical things we do, which is spending a lot of our client’s money and making sure that money is spent right.