In this video, Anna Maria Addesso shares her story of what happened when Apple Vacations tried to automate their marketing with Bionic media planning software.

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Apple Vacations is one of the nation’s leading vacation companies. We sell vacation packages to Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, as well as Central and South America. Our biggest challenge right now is making sure that people have the information they need. Our old business model was based on spreadsheets and information scattered in people’s personal devices. We needed to try to centralize the information so we can all get it regardless of where we were.

The one thing that sold us on Bionic was the flexibility.

We’re a tiny in-house marketing department. Our business model is extremely different than most other places. We decided we needed to start automating our marketing and that’s when we discovered Bionic. Bionic for us was able to centralize the information, we were able to take it out of spreadsheets and put it into the cloud. We were also able to organize the information within the tool when it came to naming conventions and remembering which partners we were working with, and then finally Bionic was able to streamline processes for us, it bridged a gap between our media planning and buying area as well as our accounting area.

Life’s a lot easier, we can find information quicker and faster, our reporting looks more professional, it’s not as manual as it used to be. Bionic is the silent partner that sits there that absorbs all this information, takes it, houses it, turns it into reporting that then you can use for whatever project or presentation you need. They’ve worked with us extensively helping us solve problems and getting to the next place that we need to be. Bionic is really good for anyone working in a media planning capacity, it does not have to be within an agency environment. Bionic has really saved us and has changed the way we do business.