Cara Scharf and Nickolaus Trevino discuss their experience bringing Bionic Media Planning Software into their advertising agency, Fearless Media, in New York City.


Through the years, Fearless Media became more digital focused, and I started investigating other tools. I moved to a different tool that was even more expensive than the last tool, and that turned out to be a complete debacle.

I needed a tool that was really going to coordinate all of our digital and other channel marketing in one solution.

By some stroke of a miracle, I found Bionic.

In our industry, there’s a lot of turnover. When people come and go, everything still lives on. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to onboard. It’s not hard for anybody to pick up.

It really helped me develop a system for bringing new people onboard and everybody being coordinated on one platform.

Pacing is a big component of planning, buying, and monitoring.

The solution that we had previous didn’t track anything besides the start and the end, whereas Bionic everything is connected, whether it be an API connection or directly through with our ad server.

Bionic really just put it all together.

If we were asked a question from the client, we could answer it really quickly about where we were in the lifecycle of our campaign.

In Excel, it would have taken a long time to put these flowcharts together. But it’s much easier with Bionic because we can export it and just make a few changes, and then it’s good to go.

And it makes us more of a real-time agency.

The AI planning tool in Bionic helps your agency be a thought leader in your specific category and provides you with ideas you wouldn’t necessarily have.

That has been something we’ve been leaning on for new business.

We customize our insertion order here. We can pull it directly from the system. My big hot button is always the insertion order has to match the media plan. It has to match the invoice. Everything has to match, not one penny off.

We’re holding ourselves accountable. We’re holding the vendor accountable. And we’re continuing to build that trust with the client. From the RFP process all the way through up until invoicing, that’s where we can make sure everything matches and coordinates.

Bionic has treated my company as if we are a big agency and we’re part of a group.

We’re really happy with Bionic and the service they’ve provided. The cost. Every aspect has been a positive.

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