Micah Donahue and Lisa Adams review Bionic media planning software at their advertising agency, Mechanica – a strategic agency with clients including Saucony, Akamai, Autodesk, Disney, Kripalu, NPR, PBS, Sam Adams, Northeastern University, Timberland, Trulia, and the US Department of State.

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Since I started working in media, it’s always been a manual process.

You really can’t be efficient when you have to use a number of different tools to ultimately bring something holistically together.

Before Bionic, we’d always used a combination of spreadsheets, flowcharting tools, minimal pieces of software. First time I brought a Bionic created flowchart into a meeting, the Account Director on the business says, “Are you using a new template for this? This looks fantastic.” She was immediately able to appreciate that this was a system that would help all of the activities of the agency flow better.

Mechanica is really a strategic agency. We have a mix of very different clients, and what we do is we find solutions for them based on whatever problems that they have.

The difference in being able to start the media planning process in the same tool that you finished it in has been a huge difference for us.

Bionic is really a software tool that holistically brings all of the planning and the implementation and the changes that go along with running a campaign together in one place.

Bionic has significantly improved the way we develop and executive media plans for our clients. Everybody from clients to production to studio to brand directors to all of our folks in media, feel like this is exactly what they’ve been looking for.