Media Planning Software for Media Directors

As a Media Director, you’ve got a big plate with A LOT on it.

Between pitching new business, optimizing budgets, filing TPS reports, and managing a revolving door of planners, it feels like there’s never enough time in the day.

Especially, when your only tools are Excel spreadsheets, email, and poking (like actual poking) to try and get it all done.

Chin up! Because Bionic is here to help you ditch the drama.

Bionic Media Planning Software centralizes all of your media planning – giving you a fully up-to-date, 360 degree view of all planning activity and advertising results.

Bionic enforces your standards and includes error-free calculations so you get consistent quality without having to crack the whip.

And with hardworking tools to analyze spending patterns and optimize performance, you’ll be certain that your client’s media budget is well spent.

Around the office, smiling faces will abound because your team will have time to do the strategic work they love instead of slaving over grunt work.

Oh, and training new hires becomes a breeze when they get all the tools and information they need from the start.

With increased productivity, better media plans, a happier team, and unbeatable new business pitches – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Bionic.

Get it now and start working like a boss.

Discover Bionic Media Planning Software for Media Directors

Are you looking to “level up” your media planning and buying services?

Or maybe just sick of using Flintstones tools to compete in a Jetsons world?

It’s time for you to discover Bionic media planning software. It was built for modern media directors with the help and guidance of leading media directors.

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