Centro was founded in 2001. Its heritage and the bulk of its revenue comes from providing outsourced media services – media planning, ordering, trafficking, monitoring. Following its acquisition of SiteScout DSP in 2013, Centro launched a self-service software platform 2017 under the BASIS brand name.

While there is overlap in functionality, Bionic and Centro BASIS software offerings are complementary in many ways. There are agencies who use both Bionic and Centro together in their tech stack – Bionic for media planning and Centro BASIS for execution of digital line items.

Key Differences

  1. Limited To Only Digital Advertising – Centro BASIS is limited to digital media, which is typically only a portion of the overall media plan. Bionic supports all media channels including digital, TV, radio, billboard, magazine, newspaper, and every other media channel. So, you can plan 100% of your media budget in Bionic.
  2. DSP Capabilities. At its core, Centro BASIS is a DSP, which is rated by the Gartner Group as a “challenger.” Bionic does not provide DSP capabilities, but instead integrates with your choice of DSP including Gartner Magic Quadrant “leaders” Google DV360, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Adform, and others.

What’s missing or wrong?

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