Centro was founded in 2001. Its heritage and the bulk of its revenue comes from providing outsourced media services – media planning, ordering, trafficking, monitoring. They have recently begun offering media planning software. The biggest strength of the software is it is backed by Centro employees who carry out the instructions of what you order through the software, but that’s also its greatest weakness. You can’t buy the Centro software without also buying its services, which are expensive. Additionally, the software is limited to digital media channels so you can’t plan your entire media budget in the tool.

Bionic is a pure-play software company that offers its media planning software for a great price with no strings attached. You can plan your entire media budget in Bionic across all media channels around the world.

Key Differences

  1. Service (not Software)-based Business Model – Centro requires that you buy their media buying services in order to use the media planning software. For an advertising agency, this cuts directly into your profit margins. With Bionic, you buy a subscription to our web-based software, and handle the media buying straight from vendors, without a steep markup.
  2. Limited To Only Digital Advertising – Centro is limited to digital media, which is typically only a portion of the overall media plan. Bionic supports all media channels, so you can plan 100% of your media budget in one program.
  3. No Media Plan Optimization – It’s difficult to optimize and report on your media plan in Centro because it only provides plan summary information. Bionic gives you detailed breakdowns of your media plan from every perspective: over time, by channel, by vendor, by ad unit, and every other dimension of your plan.
  4. No Advertising Flowcharts – With Centro, you can’t create advertising flowcharts, which is one of the most important documents in the media planning process. With Bionic, you can create flowcharts with a click of a button.
  5. No Media Plan Presentation – Centro doesn’t assist with the creation of PowerPoint presentations, which are critical in the process of getting approval for your media plan. Bionic helps you easily create a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation chock-full of graphs, charts, reports and company logos directly from your media plan. Save hours of time and eliminate errors and omissions.
  6. No Performance Monitoring – Centro can’t monitor your marketing performance and pacing against your goals. This is like having a finance system that lets you create budgets but doesn’t allow you to track your revenue and expenses against that budget. With Bionic, your marketing performance data flows in automatically from other systems and is compared against your plans. You get alerted if anything is not going as planned.
  7. No Product Transparency – Centro doesn’t provide product demonstrations or screenshots on their website. They require you to see the product through a salesperson. There’s probably a reason for that. In contrast, Bionic gives you an online product demonstration that shows you all the key features of the system at your own pace without a salesperson pressuring you.
  8. High Cost – Centro’s cost is high because you are required to pay for their buying services. With Bionic, you only pay for the software you use. You get no-nonsense pricing including software, upgrades, and all the support you need for $125 per user per month.
  9. Inflexible Terms – Centro locks you into a long term contract. Bionic requires no long-term commitments with flexible month-to-month licensing and a 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

What’s missing or wrong?

We’d love your suggestions to improve this competitive review. It’s incomplete. Please let us know what is missing or wrong. We’ve done our best to present a factually correct review, but competitors are often reluctant to share information. We’ve relied on the internet and third parties to source this information.

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