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In this video, we’ll go over how to access your work using the Bionic Media Planner.

One of the challenges you face as a media planner is accessing the current versions of media plans, results, and all the previous work done for your clients by your team. Without a good system in place, you spend hours chasing down Excel files and you’re never 100% sure if you’re looking at the latest version.

With Bionic, you can access all your work from virtually anywhere – office, home, hotel, client site. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re good to go!

Let’s get started on how to access your work.

Go to our web page and simply login to access your dashboard.

You’re able to customize your own dashboard, which makes your workflow a breeze.  You see your accounts and current campaigns in one tidy screen.

For each campaign, you can see the budget, cost, and all your key metrics to easily gauge how your individual campaigns are doing, as well as what might be to be changed to improve performance in real time.

In our example dashboard, you can see in the Summer Fishing Coupons campaign the Net Media Cost, Impressions, Views, Clicks, Printed Coupons and Redeemed Coupons, as well as how much of your budget is left to spend on this particular campaign.

You may set-up whatever metrics you need to track for your particular campaign.

This concludes our quick tour of the Bionic Desktop.

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