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In this video, we’ll show you how to Analyze your Media Plan using Bionic media planning software.

Without a system like Bionic, it’s a ton of extra work to analyze your media plan. If your plan is in Excel, you’ll spend hours in pivot tables doing spreadsheet gymnastics to create a simple bar chart. When your client asks a simple question like, “how much are we spending by channel?” you need to answer quickly and accurately with confidence. Bionic gives you this power. Here’s how it works…

Once you have your media plan created, Bionic offers features to help you breakdown your plan appropriately.

For starters, it shows you how money is being spent over time.
In our example, see the month of September is getting the lion’s share of spending, while the other months get much less.

If you’re an advertizing agency, you can see how your compensation breaks out over time.

View how your spending is being allocated by Sellers with the menu on the far left. Clicking the Seller tab brings up the breakdown of spending by seller.

In our example, the New York Times is receiving most funds. While other vendors are receiving less.

In the Channels tab, view how your spending breaks down by channel. In our sample, notice that the Newspaper is getting the most spending.

Clicking on Programs will show you the spending breakdown by Program in your campaign.

Ad Units will show how spending breaks down by the units you’re selling. In our example, the half page black and white is receiving the most funds.

Below this, you have a breakdown by the custom columns in your media plan. This area is easily customized by using the customized columns discussed in the “Create a Media Plan” videos in this video series.

In our example, the spending breakdown by Tesla Motor’s model types shows you an accurate picture of where your client’s money is going for each model.

In our other custom column example, you can analyze where your money is being spent by offer. The breakdowns are easy to see, and easy to understand.

This concludes our quick overview of the Flowchart features in Bionic that help you analyze your spending patterns, and optimize your campaigns quickly and effectively.

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