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In this video we’ll show you how to break down the cost of a line item using Bionic.

One of the challenges in advertising is accurately calculating all the costs of the media you’re buying. With scores of pricing methods, currency exchange rates, extra fees, and other complexities, it’s hard to avoid making costly mistakes. Bionic simplifies your life with built-in calculations and a breakdown of your line item costs in an easy to understand interface.

For an example, let’s look at Line One on our screen. At the top you can see we’re using CPM – or cost per thousand – as the cost method for this Line Item. There are many other options to choose from in this list and changing them is easy.

To clarify how Bionic calculates out the costs of each item, click on the Net Media Cost of your desired item, or any other field with a blue highlight over them. This gives you a cost breakdown of how Bionic arrived at the numbers.

Let’s click on Net Media Cost to see the breakdown in more detail. Here you can see the cost breakdown, including the rate, rate method, an option for Gross or Net Pricing, as well as the quantity you’ve set for your campaign.

Based on these parameters the Media Cost is broken down below. Bionic also displays industry standard for Net to Gross as a multiplier.

You can also set your currency exchange rates if applicable, and the net media cost will be listed below these.

Your Agency compensation is also included below, including the commission method, rate, fee per line and others.

You may also add any additional costs to your line items that haven’t been calculated for in the breakdown, giving you more control and over the cost of your individual advertisements.

If your campaign is digital, as Ad Serving section will be shown further down. This includes estimated impressions, an Ad Serving Buffer, Ad Server Impressions, and Ad Serving costs.

The total costs of all of this is listed at the bottom of this page.

This Line Item Breakdown offers you a great way to audit your media plan, or change costs and estimates to save you money and time with your Campaigns.

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