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In this video we’ll show you how to create a Media Plan from comScore research.

comScore is an excellent system for finding websites on which to advertise and for learning about the audience makeup of those sites. But it’s hard to turn comScore research into a media plan because it lacks information about advertising products, rates, avails, sales contacts, and other key information. Plus, it’s not formatted properly for a media plan. Bionic solves this problem with a nice integration that automatically transforms your comScore research into a real media plan.

When you’re working with comScore, one of the outputs they have is called a Key Measures report. It gives you a listing of the different sites you’re considering for your Media Plan along with audience metrics. Bionic has the unique ability to import and use a comScore Key Measures reports to construct a media plan. Let’s get started on showing you how this works

Go to your Campaign and select Import a Media Plan Spreadsheet from Excel. This will bring up a window where you can choose your Excel file to add it to a new Media Plan. Navigate to the file on your computer, then choose the comScore Key Measures report file. Next click Import.

Once uploaded, Bionic will analyze the Key Measures Report and add each site as a line in your media plan. This makes it very easy to complete a media plan with your comScore research. You’re now able to go through each item and add the proper product you want to add to each advertising program .

After you’ve done this, Bionic will fill out the rest of the line for you, automatically bringing in pricing and other metrics you’ve set-up for a particular product. Now all you need to do is add in how much of each product you want, and enter that number into the Quantity section of your Media Plan and the different programs you’ve chosen to implement

This will calculate your costs and complete each line of your media plan.

This concludes our quick demo of how to Create a Media Plan from Comscore.

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