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In this video we’ll teach you about some of the other key features in the Media Plan section of Bionic.

One great thing about Bionic is that is supports all forms of Media Advertising all in one place. This includes:

  • Broadcast media including Radio and Television.
  • Digital media including E-newsletters, Native, online display, Social, Audio, video, and Search engine ads.
  • Direct marketing including Postal, email, and fax advertising
  • Mobile advertising including SMS text and Mobile Display
  • Out of Home including aerial banners, billboard, digital out of home, events, kiosk, mobile billboard, and point of sale.
  • Print advertising including free standing inserts, magazines, and newspapers.
  • And virtually every other media channel!

There is also an option for “Other” at the bottom for any custom advertisements you may need to craft.

Under the “Rate” section you can choose any currency you wish. The most common world currencies are listed, and you will be able to switch the currency anytime you want by simply selecting it in the drop down menu.

You may also mix and match a given media plan with different currencies for different types of advertising items.

Different ways of pricing out your media are built into Bionic. This includes Cost Per Action, or CPA. Cost Per Thousand, or CPM. Cost Per Click, or CPC, and many others.

Dynamic CPM is typically used for bidded media, like Google AdWords and Exchange Buying. You can also use a fee cost for each item or a flat rate.

Makegood is used when a vendor makes a mistake on your order, and covers the cost of a re-order or change in your Campaign’s structure or budget issues.

PCI, or per column inch is typically for Newspaper advertisements.

Per Spot is used for TV, radio and other mediums.

Value Add is a part of a deal included at no charge.

Time based methods are also available to choose from. Including: per day, per week, per month or per four week period

Now that we’ve looked over a few of the additional options and features, let’s go over and add another program to your Campaign. Pick your program from the drop down, then pick your product to use as an advertising medium.

Depending on what cost method you pick, you can appropriately pick the rate of that item from the drop down. Bionic will give you an estimate to calculate the amount of money needed per size of the advertisement desired.

As an example, let’s pick 4 columns by 3 inches for our example. Entering this in Bionic calculates out the estimated cost to run the ad. It also makes it much easier to manage your costs, and change your campaigns specifications on the fly to stay on time and on budget.

You can even change the calculation into fractions of an inch for certain types of ads. Let’s use the example of 4 columns by 3.4 inches now. The calculations for what this will cost will change automatically again to accommodate your changes.

Another feature of Bionic is the ability to add packages to your Campaign. Simply click the Add Package button on the bottom left to add a package.

Let’s add the programs to our Media Package now. Underneath the package you can now pick from a number of options for the different items to include. Packages are different than other Placement line items in that everything is priced out at the package level.

When your package is delivered, the impressions and cost will be split between different items inside the package itself. It’s useful if you’re unsure how much of each item will make an impression on potential buyers.

One of the biggest limitations of other planning systems is that there is not a lot of flexibility. But with Bionic, you can Add Customized Plan Columns to your Media Plan, which enables keeping track of your Campaigns goals much easier.

Go to Setup and then click the Media Plan Columns section at the bottom. Here you can see both active and inactive Media Plan Columns.

In Active area our example we have the Tesla Model and Tesla Offer. Opening these up will reveal the information in your custom column. You can add a description or change what’s listed in this columns.

Let’s go back to the Media Plan section. Scroll to the right here and you can see your active columns listed on the far right. The columns are setup easily. Click the first column and a drop down will appear with the options you wrote in your custom columns. Simply pick the item from that list to keep track of which advertisements are paired with a certain product, offer, etc.

In our example we’ll choose the Tesla Model S and the Race Track Ride, and below that the Model Y and the Race Track Ride. Customizing your own columns is easy and fun, and puts a lot of power into your hands to properly organize your individual Campaigns.

Bionic’s customization features make it easy to communicate with your customers about how their money is being spent. It also unlocks functionality in flowcharting and analyzing your individualized media plan.

This concludes our video covering the additional functions of the Bionic Media Plan system.

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