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In this video we’ll show you how to create a powerpoint presentation inside Bionic.

One of the most time consuming and tedious tasks in media planning is creating a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your media plan for your client. You can waste hours of your life in this step alone. Meanwhile, you’re not doing the high value, strategic activities you promised your client.

One of the great features of Bionic is that is automates the process of creating your powerpoint presentation.

Let’s get started. First, click the Export button in the top right of the Dashboard screen.

This will bring up the Export window where you can click on a number of different options for exporting to either Excel or Powerpoint. Let’s click on the Powerpoint checkbox and then click Export. Bionic may take a little time to export the presentation, but don’t worry because it’s doing a ton of work to create your PowerPoint. When your presentation is downloaded, click OK and open it inside of Powerpoint.

What the system has done is created a large powerpoint presentation based on the data in your Media Plan. The first few slides simply are templates you can fill in with more data, but slides after that show more detailed information and charts from different parts of your media plan.

Bionic will export your media plan into powerpoint based flow charts. Bionic will also export all vendor logos, making it easier to reposition them on the page as you like.

Bionic will also bring in sections for each media channel and the placement details for every vendor. The first section is online display, including the summary and the placement details for each site.

Scrolling down you’ll see a section for each of your media channels, including online and offline advertisements. The last section includes allocation charts, which allows you to analyze your media plan.

As an example, we have a chart that is based on the spending by channel. One of the things to keep in mind with Powerpoint is you can easily apply your own designs and the format it with your own company branding. This will change depending on the design template you choose. Many companies enjoy using a previously branded template for many of their presentations, and Bionic makes that easy to integrate with your generated powerpoint presentations.

The spending breakdowns are in depth and easy to see, let’s look at some of them now. There is a chart for spending by channel, spending over time, spending by seller, spending by program, and by other dimensions of your media plan including your custom columns. In this case, we have charts for spending by Tesla Model, and spending by Tesla Offer. Finally, there will be a final expenditure breakdown at the end.

After this you’ll see a Thank You page.

This concludes our overview of Bionic’s feature of exporting your data to a Powerpoint presentation.

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