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In this video we’ll show the flowcharting capabilities of Bionic.

Everyone LOVES advertising flowcharts. They are a great way to visualize your media plan. The problem with flowcharts is they are really hard to make. To create just one flowchart, you waste hours in Excel or rekeying into some other system. And after all that work, it doesn’t even look that great. Fortunately, Bionic gives you a tool to create beautiful flowcharts with a click of a button.

As you create your media plan, your flowcharts are updated automatically. To create a flowchart, simply click the Flowchart tab at the top of your screen.

This will bring up a basic flowchart. You can also create your own custom Flowcharts to make estimating and seeing all your information easier. To do this, click the Customize View option on the upper left below the main tabs.

This will bring up your Customize View screen, where you change many parameters associated with your flow chart. For our example we will keep the timescale listed to Monthly. You have the option of changing it to weekly, quarterly or yearly depending on your preferences or needs.

You can group different parts of your flowchart by channel and ad unit, and the other dimensions of your media plan. You can also color code your flowchart however you would like. In our example we’ll color code by the Tesla Model. Once picked, you see the color code for each of the Tesla models.

You can change individual colors of different items to your liking. In our case we’ll use orange.

Below this, you can select which metrics will be displayed on your Flowchart. The drop down menus here offer a number of options to choose from. After you’re satisfied with your Customized View, click done to exit back to the Flowcharts’ main screen.

Now, you can see your flowchart exactly as you want it.

Switch your view to weekly, and the chart will automatically refigure to show you that timescale. This breakdown will give you a cost overview that can literally save hours of work calculating costs and all the other metrics.

You can also click and drag your Flowchart to see more dates and times for weeks into the future, allowing you an easy way to see exactly how your different campaigns will play out over time.

Click the Fit To Width link on the top left to have your new display show the full range of dates on one screen without scrolling.

This concludes our tutorial of the Flowcharts’ section of Bionic.

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