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In this video we’ll show you how to create Insertion Order schedules using Bionic.

After you’ve gotten approval from a client authorization, the next step is to place insertion orders with each of the vendors in your media plan. Typically in a media plan you have many vendors, sometimes dozens that you need to contact.

The challenge is to take a Media Plan and break it out into a schedule for each vendor. This can be laborious and error prone. Bionic helps you smooth this process over by automating it for you, reducing errors and time spent on your orders.

To get started is easy, simply go to Exports, and select IO Schedules from the pop up menu. This will burst out your media plan into a bunch of IO schedules – one for each of the vendors in your media plan.

If you open up one of your new IO Schedules, you’ll see just the lines of the media plan for that vendor in a branded excel sheet. It will add up the costs and strip out any data not related to that particular vendor.

This IO Schedule can be attached to a contract or sent individually to a vendor depending on your needs.

This concludes our overview of creating Insertion Order Schedules with Bionic.

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