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In this video, we’ll show you how Bionic can help you find the best advertising programs for your advertising campaigns.

Often times, media planners rely on their own memory and the memories of their coworkers to formulate a media plan. Clearly, you miss out on some great opportunities when you take this approach. Bionic solves this problem by giving you a searchable directory of advertising programs.

On top of being a flexible media planning tool, Bionic also has thousands of behind the scenes listings related to different advertising programs. This directory helps you find the best advertising programs for your media plans. The directory is dynamic, and is always being updated.

You have the option of asking the directory to make suggestions, or you can search through it manually on your own.

Let’s get started. On the dashboard, click the Get Suggestions button. This will open a pop-up asking for the channels and categories you want to search for. Fill these out and then press save to move forward.

You have the ability to choose multiple channels you’ll be advertising through, and multiple categories as well. In our example we’ll choose and Online Display channel and Buying/Selling Cars as our category.

The next screen will give you a list of available advertising programs with detailed information about each one. In our example, the system managed to find a lot of programs. You can also choose to sort your endorsed advertising programs to the top of the list. To do this simply press the Thumbs Up tab at the top of the page. Bionic will reorganize the listings based on what you and your co-workers have chosen as endorsed programs for your ads.

It will also display who has endorsed the particular program if you hover your mouse over the individual Thumbs Up icons on each listing.

You can now choose to add programs to your media plan. To do this click the Add button by hovering over the Out indicator next to the program name. After clicking, you’ll see that it’s now In your media plan.

If you need more information about a certain listing, simply click the name and it’ll open up a more detailed data card about that particular program. This page also gives you the option to add specific advertising products to your Media Plan. Simply click to add them.

Going back to your media plan you can now see the new items added, including the advertising product, placement name, channel, rate, etc.

And now since you’ve added the items from your advertiser to your plan, you can now add those same items to other parts of your media plan’s products.

In our example we’ll add a few products to our different programs now.

Another way to use the directory is just by searching it using the search field on the top right of your Media Plan dashboard. For our purposes we can click the Advanced button in the search field and enter our very specific information for the directory to search through.

This can includes keywords, publishers, different categories as well as endorsements as search terms. Once you’re satisfied with you advanced options, click Search.

This will bring up a slightly more refined listing that is sorted by relevance based on what you’re looking for. You can add other programs through here by again pressing the Add button.

This helps make it much faster and easier to formulate your media plans and save you headaches and time tracking down the program details and entering them manually into a spreadsheet.

It’s easier to use Bionic’s directory instead of relying on your memory and the memory of your co-workers for advertising programs and ideas.

This concludes our overview of Bionic’s Directory and ability to find the best advertising programs for your campaign.

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