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Television and radio are two of the most popular and effective forms of advertising. As a media planner, it’s crucial that you know when and where to broadcast your ads to maximize success.  In order to effectively make decisions about your broadcast ads, you need to know how many people you will reach and how efficiently you will reach them. With Bionic, you can now track all ratings related advertising metrics directly in the media planning software, so you can make more informed decisions.

For this example, I’m planning on showcasing my new ski film in radio and television ads, and want to maximize exposure while keeping my cost relatively low so I don’t go over budget.

Let’s start by choosing a market. Just start typing and hit enter, and Bionic will suggest markets for you.

Once you choose your market, Bionic will fill in population automatically.

After you choose specific gender and age targeting, you can override the population.

Next, input a rating.

Bionic will now automatically calculate key ratings related fields for you: average persons, number of gross rating points or GRPs, cost per point, number of impressions, cost per thousand impressions, reach percentage, number of people reached, and frequency.

I can use these metrics to compare my radio and TV spots and decide how to most effectively show my ads.

The RFP process has also been upgraded to include Bionic’s new ratings functionality, both from the point of view of the seller and the planner.

When sending a proposal, they will provide the rating and related fields for your placements.

Now I will log in to see the proposal. I can see all ratings data associated with that placement. If I accept the proposal, the ratings data will be transferred over into my media plan with the corresponding placement.

The flowchart and allocations features have also been upgraded for ratings.

You can now view your allocations by market.

I can use this to try and equalize my spending across regions.

Flowcharts can be color-coded by market, by clicking customize view, and selecting market from the color-coding drop down.

Bionic’s rating features are a huge help with measuring reach and efficiency of your radio and TV ads.

These features make it easier to compare advertising placements, and are integrated across the rest of the Bionic platform.

This concludes the demonstration of Bionic’s ratings capabilities.


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