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In this video we’ll show you how to Receive proposals through Bionic. In the last video we showed you how to send an RFPs through Bionic. Let’s get started.

Sending RFPs and receiving proposals through Bionic is a great feature to wrangle your proposals under one roof, saving you time and money in the process. When you receive a proposal through Bionic, you’ll receive an email alert letting you know a proposal has been sent back to you. This prompt will show you the proposal’s summary, as well as the Salesperson’s name and contact information.

There is a button listed here prompting you to view the details of the proposal and take action on it. When you click this button you’re directed back to Bionic to view your new proposal.

You also will see alerts inside of Bionic showing you that you have unread notifications, much like in common social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Click on the Proposal section of your dashboard. This will show you what happened with your latest RFPs, including how long it took the vendor to look at them, and when they responded to you. It will show if you have a pending Proposal here as well.

Click the pending Proposal that is listed, and you’ll be directed to a screen with more information from the vendor about your proposal. This section will show more information about the sales person and what they’ve proposed for a budget, timescale for the advertising, and any other information that is needed.

In this section you can also see any notes from the particular Salesperson about your proposal, as well as any attachments that the Salesperson has sent you.

Below this you’ll see the Salesperson’s detail proposal, indicating rates, quantities, ad sizes, etc. If the proposal is over budget, you’ll see a warning indicated in red on this dashboard to make it easy to gauge whether you’re on target or not. In our example you can see the proposal’s total cost is over the budget we specified.

You can now either accept or reject the proposal with the click of a button. With the reject button, you can reject the proposal, give a reason for the rejection, and fill out more details as to why they were rejected.

You can also choose whether or not to include your contact information, whether revised proposals are welcome, and whether you’d like to send the rejection notification via email or not.

In our case we won’t reject it, and instead accept it into our Media Plan. Once you accept a proposal, you can change the quantities for planning purposes. Then you can write a quick note back to the Salesperson. Next press Accept Proposal to send an e-mail with an indication that you’ve accepted back to the salesperson.

Once you accept the proposal, Bionic will take you back to your Proposals to show you that the proposal has been accepted. Under Media Plan you can see now that the accepted proposal has now been added automatically to your plan with all the metrics you specified in place and ready to go.

This concludes our two part video about sending and receiving proposals.

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