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In this video, we’re going to show you how to send RFPs with Bionic. In part two of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to receive proposals through Bionic directly. Let’s get started.

Without the right system, the Request for Proposal or “RFP” process is time consuming and frustrating. This is typically done through email, which can be a hard process to manage. It’s difficult to know who you sent an RFP to, whether it was delivered successfully or not, and what ended up happening with each proposal after it was received.

Bionic has automated the RFP process, making RFP management easier and more stream lined.

Let’s go to the Proposals tab in the Campaign dashboard to see what this looks like. Here click the “Next Step: Requirements” button to get started. The next screen will import dates for your media plan automatically. Here you may add in your own requirements for the proposal. Let’s type them in now.

After you’re satisfied with your requirements, you can indicate when you’d like your proposals to be due by setting the date. After this you can choose to select a default budget per publisher. This can of course be overwritten later with more fine tuning on a publisher by publisher basis.

You may also attach documents, including RFPs that have been written up in other programs by clicking the Add Document button. Here you’ll see a window prompting you to browse for the document on your computer. Select the document you’d like to attach and then press Add Document. You can also add in a display name for the document you’re attaching to give more clarity to what it is in Bionic.

Once you’re satisfied with this, click the “Next: Proposal Manager” button to continue. This allows you to actually send your requests for proposals through Bionic. If no proposals exists yet, click Request Proposals to add one. This will enable to choose from the publishers you are considering in your media plan.

Here you can easily change the RFP recipient and budget. In our example we’ll change the budget to 20,000 for one of our proposals to a client.

You can also send your RFPs in a batch. But for right now we’ll just send one. Click the Send Invitation button to do this. Here you’ll see Bionic sending the invitation for you. It’ll then default back to the previous Proposal screen where you can see all information on the RFP you sent shown in one tidy package. Bionic will show you the status of which RFPs have been sent, and when, and who has or has not responded, making keeping track of RFPs easy, and everything is kept all in one place.

This concludes our overview of Sending an RFP through Bionic.

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