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In this video we’ll show you how to use Media Magnet to attract proposals.

When using RFPs to source proposals, you will only receive proposals from the people who have received your RFP. This is a problem because it significantly limits the ideas you receive. You miss out on proposals from excellent vendors you’ve forgotten or omitted because you don’t yet know them.

Bionic solves this problem with a tool called Media Magnet, which automatically attracts proposals without the hassles and limitations of the RFP process. It’s a powerful tool for sourcing creative proposals and fresh ideas.

Bionic’s Media Magnet is patent pending, making it a unique and powerful feature for media planning. It enables you to say what you’re looking for in your media plan, and then appropriate vendors can submit proposals to you in response. It is similar to the Lending Tree service for home mortgages, except it’s meant for media planning and proposals.

To access Media Magnet, click on the Proposals tab. Here you’ll see any RFPs and proposals you’ve gotten or that are currently being negotiated. Below that you’ll see the Media Magnet. In our example it is currently turned off.

Click “Turn on Media Magnet.” Then click the Media Magnet area from Off to On. Now click the button that says “Next: Proposal Manager.” This will take you back to the Proposals screen. Media Magnet will now show you a list of programs that match your criteria.

If for some reason you don’t want a proposal from a certain vendor that is listed, you can simply block them by clicking the Block button on the far right in the Media Magnet area. In our example we’ll block the first few programs, which we don’t want to submit to us. This simply means those firms won’t be able to see your Campaign on their screen and cannot submit a proposal to you

Once someone submits a proposal to you, you’ll get an email alert and an alert will appear in the Campaign area. The proposal that is submitted will now appear in the regular Proposals area of Bionic above this, just like where proposals appear in the RFP process. So, you have all your proposals in one place regardless of how they were sourced.

This concludes our overview of Bionic’s Media Magnet feature.

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