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The Problem

Getting included in RFPs and submitting proposals are some of your greatest barriers to success as an advertising sales professional.

If you’ve received an RFP from a media planner through Bionic, request your free Bionic account and we’ll help you to respond with a proposal.

The Solution

The Bionic Digital Ad Sales System goal is to help you sell more guaranteed premium inventory by delivering a steady flow of qualified and actionable sales leads.

  • Reach active media planners while they are in planning mode
  • Get real-time RFP alerts in your inbox
  • Submit and track proposals online

Sample Clients and Testimonials

“From where I sit, the team at Bionic is doing the Lord’s work: They’re addressing the broken RFP process head on and equipping both buyers and sellers for quality engagement around ideas and opportunities – the stuff that will drive margin and profits once all the “standard” stuff moves into the programmatic channels. If you want to stay relevant in the high end of our business, Bionic just threw you a lifeline. Grab it.”
Doug Weaver, Founder & CEO, Upstream Group
“Your system was one of the easiest I have ever seen for submitting a proposal.”
Jim Thomas, Advertising Sales Manager,


“I loooovvve this format. It’s a great tool – my favorite!”
Samantha Bornemeier, Yahoo!
“Great to work with… Everything is very straightforward and self-explanatory when working in the interface of the system.”
Danielle Toscano, Digital Sales Planner, Scripps Networks


“Awesome! With just one deal, it pays for itself.”
Julie Healy, Bluefin Media
“Bionic has been a valuable tool for proposal submissions. It makes the entire process much more efficient and effective.”
Katelyn Jones, VP Business Development at 3 Interactive