Seller Pro can help you take your ad sales results to the next level. It includes:

  • Email Alerts. You get an email alert whenever a campaign is created that matches your inventory. Imagine yourself sitting at your desk at 2 pm and getting an email alert for a new campaign with a big budget that matches your inventory. And this campaign is being planned by an agency you don’t know halfway across the country. Your boss will be super impressed when you present your next sales report with these fresh leads!
  • Media Magnet. You get the ability to respond to RFPs even though you were excluded in the initial consideration set and were not sent an RFP. This feature is powered by NextMark’s proprietary and patent-pending Media Magnet technology. It’s a great way for you to get in on deals in a professional way where you might have been otherwise overlooked.
  • Campaign Navigator. You get a dashboard that shows you all the campaigns being planned right now with an indication of which match your inventory. Imagine yourself drinking your morning coffee and reviewing a list of all the campaigns and budgets being planned today.  And every campaign has a “submit proposal” button next to it.  Then you cherry-pick the ones you think you can win. You can’t get this power anywhere else.
  • Proposal Wizard. Bionic Ads takes the hassle out of submitting proposals. Submitting a proposal is just a few button clicks. No more crazy long forms to fill out!
  • Proposal Manager.  The proposal manager enables you to track the status of your proposals. You can see if the planner has looked at your proposal and whether or not they’ve acted on it. This saves you from making a lot of status calls and frees up your time for selling.

Seller Pro is unlike any other ad sales tool. With Seller Pro, you get access to an active stream of deals that are ready to close, from agencies you may not already be calling on.

Seller is surprisingly cost effective. In fact, only a deal or two pays for the annual cost of a Seller Pro subscription. You can also take advantage of early-bird pricing discounts being offered right now.

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