Elizabeth Van Kort and Stephanie Padgett of True Media share their experiences with Bionic media planning software and the competitive advantages gained by their media planning team.

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The future of media buying is definitely going to be more automated in every way. Bionic is an integral piece of that innovation for us. We refer to it here as our single source of truth because we really want a place where all of our teams can go and find all of the information in one interface.

Bionic is a tool that automates the entire media planning process. Anything that’s on your media plan automatically translates on to a flowchart that your team didn’t even have to create. It then also connects with different interfaces, like Google AdWords, so you really can see what was planned and then what’s delivered and really have the power of all of that information in a single system.

Making sure that I have software to help track what did I air and then how did it perform is really essential to bringing all those pieces together to tell that story.

In the past, we were building our flowcharts out in Excel. Some of the issues that resulted from that are workplace satisfaction, people doing a lot of manual data entry, but also human error was a big issue.

So, we needed a partner to help us make that process more streamlined, more accurate and a lot less painful internally and, ultimately, externally with our clients.

As an agency that’s growing and expanding, we have to continue to look at our processes and Bionic has been a really big part of our innovation over the last couple of years.

Working with Bionic has been a fabulous experience. Their ability to understand our media needs, even though they’re a software company, has been just a great partnership.