Marketing Performance Monitoring Software for Smart Advertisers

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Bionic keeps your vendors honest and your marketing campaigns on track

Finally, a low-cost, hassle-free way to precisely track your marketing performance against all your marketing objectives across all your marketing platforms in one clean, honest monitoring tool.
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The Tyson Doctrine in Marketing

The famous poet-philosopher Mike Tyson once remarked, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

This Tyson Doctrine holds true for marketing. Your plans always look great on paper, but when the bell rings on launch date, that’s when the problems start punching you in the mouth. Some days it seems that nothing goes right with broken ads, under-delivery, fraud, poorly performing placements, broken conversion pages, and under-performing creative all smacking you down.

Without a good system in place, you’re entering the ring blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back. Enter your next campaign with Bionic Marketing Performance Management in your corner and win the marketing battle.

Media Planning + Marketing Performance Monitoring

Any media planning systems can help you build a plan, but most are of little help when trying to measure and assess campaign health once promotions go live. As a modern marketer, you’re expected to track dozens of metrics being generated from the more than 100 software systems you use to execute marketing programs. With marketing performance data dispersed across hundreds of systems and media plans in yet another system or an Excel worksheet it’s virtually impossible to make sense of it all without going crazy.

Success in marketing expands beyond gaining client approval and the initial advertising placements, so why doesn’t your software? With Bionic you get both media planning and marketing performance monitoring in one integrated system.

Your Ultimate Marketing Performance Management Dashboard

Marketing Performance Management (MPM) measures your progress towards your marketing objectives. The answer to “are we on track to hit our marketing objectives?” is now just a few clicks away instead of a late night research project.

Bionic consolidates your performance data from all your marketing automation systems. Bionic MPM will

  • Track how well each of your marketing campaigns is doing against all of your objectives within a fraction of a percent.
  • Monitor the performance of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other walled garden platforms from one central console.
  • Tie your digital advertising to offline behaviors such as in-store sales and coupons.

MPM also provides you the information needed to make smart in-flight optimizations to your marketing plan—shut down the under-performing advertisements and crank up the placements that are thriving.

Bionic MPM make sense of all your marketing performance data from all of your marketing automation platforms

Every night, while you’re sound asleep, Bionic springs into action on your behalf. It gathers marketing performance data from each of your campaigns’ automation platforms—ad servers, website analytics, e-commerce systems, etc—and transforms the raw source data into standardized marketing metrics such as impressions, clicks, visits, conversions, revenue, and dozens of other measurables. From here it compares your performance data against your performance goals and executes hundreds of calculations to determine whether or not you are on track. When you get to work in the morning, you see a beautiful marketing performance dashboard that looks like this:


Bionic supports most popular marketing metrics and more can be added to meet your needs.


Bionic platform also supports virtually any marketing automation platform. Every platform gets a custom-built adapter for seamless integration. At launch, Bionic has adapters in place for popular marketing automation platforms including Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), Google Analytics, Sizmek, Mediaplex, Eyereturn, RevTrax and more can be added to meet your needs.

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