Bionic has shattered the boundaries of conventional advertising flowcharts. Flowcharts aren’t just limited to media planning anymore. With Bionic, you can now create stunning flowcharts that include your actual marketing performance data displayed as beautiful charts adjacent to your planning data. Your clients will be blown away when they see one of these amazing new flowcharts.

Everyone Loves Advertising Flowcharts

Advertisers and media planners love flowcharts because each concisely communicates the timing, tactics, and investments of a media plan in a visually appealing way. It’s the power and simplicity that makes flowcharts so elegant.

But flowcharts can be so much more.

The Problem with Conventional Advertising Flowcharts

With a conventional flowchart, you see a nice visualization of your media plan. It’s useful in the media planning phase of your campaign. It’s a powerful tool to communicate what’s in your media plan to get the media authorization. However, a conventional flowchart isn’t very useful once you start to execute your media plan. At that point, your flowchart is just inexpensive wall art. If you’re like most, you’ll turn to other tools such as ad hoc reporting and Microsoft Excel to monitor your marketing performance.



The Power of Bionic’s New Advertising Flowcharts

Unlike a conventional flowchart where you only see a visualization of your media plan, Bionic’s new flowcharting tool enables you to display your actual performance data adjacent to your plan data. You can see both your plan and your results for all your key performance indicators: spending, impressions, GRPs, spots, clicks, visits, downloads, conversions, sales, and dozens of other metrics. And you see all your KPIs as beautiful little bar charts right on your flowchart.



Your Flowcharts Are Alive!

Those new little bar charts on your flowchart are pretty, but what if you notice a problem or something unusually good? Wouldn’t you want to learn more about it? Identifying problems and discovering new insights is the main reason for this flowchart innovation. And Bionic makes it easy for you to explore your flowchart. Simply click the chart and you’ll next see the full details on that metric.



Flowcharting for BOTH Digital and Offline Marketing

Even though this is a new school approach to flowcharting, it’s not just for digital advertising. Bionic flowcharts fully embrace old school offline advertising, too. As long as you have a data source for your performance data, you can map it on your flowchart.

And you can mix and match online and offline behavior on the same flowchart. For example, you can flowchart all your metrics for online advertisements that drive customers to brick and mortar stores: net media cost, impressions, clicks, and in-store sales. Or you can flowchart all your metrics for billboards that drive customers to your website: billboard traffic, visitors, visits, page views, conversions, and sales. No matter what kind of advertising you do, you can now visualize it on a beautiful flowchart.

Imagine the possibilities.

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