Affordable, All-in-One Software for Media Buying Teams

Is your time, energy, and creativity being drained by Excel and old, clunky software that doesn’t talk to each other? Are you tired of slaving away at your keyboard instead of the advertising job you dreamed about? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to modern software built for today’s media professional.

Bionic brings the joy back into advertising with affordable, all-in-one software built specifically for media buying teams. With Bionic, you get modern, 100% cloud-based software that helps you build superior media plans, manage media buying projects, boost your productivity, jettison low-value grunt work, eradicate errors, and optimize advertising performance.

Media Planning Software


Create, analyze, present, finalize, and implement powerful media plans across all traditional and digital media channels. All in a transparent, globally centralized database that enforces your standards.

Media Planning

Project Management Software

Project Management for Media Planning

Never again miss a deadline or have important tasks fall through the cracks with project management seamlessly integrated with your media buying process.

Project Management

Performance Monitoring Software

marketing performance monitoring

In today’s world, your work is just starting when your campaign goes live. Bionic alerts you to problems before they kill your campaign performance and to optimize your spending on high performing placements.

Performance Monitoring

Gain a Competitive Advantage


With Bionic, you get more than just software. You gain a competitive advantage in winning new business and hiring the best talent. Prospective clients will be impressed with your professional approach when compared with other spreadsheet-dependent agencies. Prospective hires will like that you care about minimizing grunt work and maximizing their skills. Best of all, the productivity you gain will boost your profitability.


Unlike other software vendors that require you to give away your firstborn child to gain access to their software, Bionic is affordable and flexible.

Bionic is only $125 per month for each user. All contracts are month-to-month with flexibility to add or subtract users any time. Or cancel any time for any reason.

What’s This Going To Cost Me


Easy to Get Started

With Bionic, you’ll be off to the races in no time. If you know how to use Excel, you already know how to use Bionic. “It’s like Excel on Steroids,” according to customers.

If you have an internet connection, you already have everything you need to get started. Since you access Bionic through your web browser, there’s no software to install.

You also get unlimited training, support, and all the guidance you need to be successful with your new set of tools.

How Do I Get Started


Get Your Bionic Account, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Getting your own Bionic account is a breeze. No need to talk with a pesky salesperson (unless you want to speak with our extremely helpful team). You can sign up right on our website.

Bionic comes with a 14-day money back guarantee so there’s no risk.

I’m Ready to Get Bionic

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