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Bionic for Agencies is media planning and media buying software that delivers perfect media plans, beautiful flowcharts, effortless RFPs and IOs, flawless trafficking, automated reconciliations, client dashboards, and more!

  • Complete – Bionic automates your entire media planning and buying workflow across all media channels.

  • #1 Rated – Voted “Best Agency Tool” Bionic is the #1 rated media planning and buying system.

  • Fast – You can get started on Bionic today. It’s 100% cloud-based. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

  • Easy – If you can use Excel, you can use Bionic with its modern, intuitive interface.

  • Low Cost – At only $125/month, Bionic gives you a complete media planning and buying system at a fraction the cost of other systems.

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The “Ideal” Software for Media Teams

Automate Your Media Workflow

  • Centralized Media Dashboard

  • Media Planning Tools

  • Advertising Flowcharts

  • RFP – Request for Proposal

  • Media Authorizations

  • IO – Insertion Orders

  • Trafficking

  • Pacing and Performance Monitoring

  • Vendor Bill Reconciliations

  • Client Reports and Dashboards

Trusted by Hundreds of Agencies

#1 Rated Media Planning Software

5-star rated media planning software

Customer Reviews of Bionic

Austin Williams


The team has increased productivity by 50%. We can put this time into more things, like strategy, reaching out to more vendors, looking into more opportunities.

Erica Brown, Austin Williams
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Fearless Media


Bionic has treated my company as if we are a big agency and we’re part of a group. We’re really happy with Bionic and the service they’ve provided, the cost. Every aspect has been a positive.

Cara Scharf, Fearless Media



First time I brought a Bionic created flowchart into a meeting, the Account Director on the business says, ‘Are you using a new template for this? This looks fantastic!’ She was immediately able to appreciate that this was a system that would help all of the activities of the agency flow better.

Micah Donahue, Mechanica

Apple Vacations


Bionic is the silent partner that sits there that absorbs all this information, takes it, houses it, turns it into reporting that then you can use for whatever project or presentation you need. Bionic has really saved us and has changed the way we do business.

Anna Maria Addesso, Apple Vacations

Accountable Digital


When I think about the impact that Bionic has and what it does for us as an agency, it pulls us together. It really helps streamline our processes, streamlines delivery, helps for consistency.

Peter Platt, Accountable Digital

HORNE Creative Group

Bionic has made us look at the data in a better way so that we can really truly optimize campaigns. I think that it has made us smarter and made our strategy stronger. I’ve been able to show the improvement of our strategy year over year with clients which has added to our client’s trust to expand their media buys.

Roxanna Pautienus, HORNE Creative Group


The number one reason Publitek installed Bionic was we needed a clear, consistent picture of planning – it’s easy to find these details, it’s easy to communicate this information to clients, we don’t lose anything, and it really prevents mistakes. We were drowning in a sea of spreadsheets before – now we are surfing on waves of efficiency.

Vicki Parker, Publitek

Bionic Enables Operational Excellence

The only all-in-one software that gives you:

Careful Media Planning


With Bionic, you get award-winning media planning software that globally centralizes media planning for all traditional and digital channels, enforces compliance with templates and naming conventions, itemizes costs for full transparency, and gives you a full audit trail of all media planning activities.

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Work Like a Boss


As a Media Director, you’ve got a big plate with A LOT on it: pitching new business, optimizing budgets, managing a revolving door of planners… Bionic for Media Directors is here to help you ditch the drama and work like a boss.

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Steadfast Project Management


Stay on top of deadlines and monitor important tasks. With Bionic, you get integrated project management software that ensures nothing slips through the cracks when implementing your media plan.

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Diligent Performance Monitoring


Your work has just begun when the ads go live. Bionic alerts you to problems before they kill your campaign. With Bionic, you get built-in marketing performance monitoring software that centralizes performance data from all your marketing platforms.

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Strict Variance Reporting

With Bionic, you get a pacing system that alerts you to variances between planned results and actual performance on media spending, ad delivery, engagement, conversions, and all your other key performance indicators.

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Unmatched Innovation

Bionic is the most innovative agency software provider. Unlike other software that seems stuck in time, Bionic delivers a constant stream of powerful new tools. In fact, Bionic has delivered 228+ upgrades in the last 6 years – an average of 3.1 per month. Here is a sample of recent innovations:

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“The Pitch”


“Live the Dream”


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See Bionic for Agencies in Action

Want to see the Bionic software in action? Visit our demo center to see all the key features in action. You can sit back and binge-watch a comprehensive demo or cherry-pick the features that interest you the most.

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No Nonsense Pricing and Terms

With Bionic there are no surprises or pushy salespeople playing shell games with pricing. We give you the costs up front before wasting a lot of time in evaluations.

No gimmicks, no promotional pricing or long-term agreements. You get a fair price for a complete product.

You Get More Than Just Software

You get a lot more than just great software. Bionic is 100% cloud-based and is a turn-key business service. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you’re good to go. You get free upgrades, free training, free support, bank-grade security, 24/7 system monitoring, data backups, and an Always On Guarantee.

No Haggle, Price Protection

With Bionic, you don’t have to worry that the next guy is going to negotiate a cheaper price than you are paying. That’s because Bionic’s prices are no haggle prices. Pricing does not vary with volume because the value of Bionic increases as more people use the system.

Cost Per User

  • 3-user Minimum Order
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Flexible Month-to-Month Licensing
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Unlimited Free Training
  • Unlimited Free Support

Easy to get Started

Unlike other tools that take months to install, you can be up and running on Bionic in just a few hours. Bionic is 100% web-based, with no software to install. Bionic’s intuitive interface enables you to be productive with little or no training, but you get unlimited training and support anyway! In short, you can level up your media investment management system very quickly and without the pain.

Unlimited Training

Become an Expert

Your Bionic subscription includes unlimited training. No hidden fees!

Unlimited Support

All The Help You Need

You get unlimited support via telephone, email, or chat. Our goal is for you to succeed.

Extensive Documentation

For Independent Learners

You’ll get access to a knowledgebase of articles and videos to help you on your quest to master Bionic.

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