Campaign analytics give marketers the power to see what is working and who is responding to a particular message. With this insight, comes the ability to optimize campaigns, identify messaging that resonates with your audience and, most importantly, which messages drive conversations. At the center of Campaign Analytics, is the Tracking URL.

The Problem with Tracking URLs

The biggest problem with tracking URLs is creating them. To track properly, you need to create a unique tracking URL for each placement in your media plan. The tracking URLs are complicated and vary for each client’s requirements. The coded formatting has to be exact. It’s a minefield because if you get any little thing wrong, it won’t work.

It is a tedious and time-consuming process, even more so when your media plan has hundreds of lines.  Using a standalone builder or separate spreadsheet requires copying and pasting, making it virtually impossible to match each placement with the correct URL.

Every time you make a change to your plan, you have to reformulate and rematch your tracking URLs. What a nightmare! So, how do you get all the benefits of tracking URLs without the hassle?

Going Beyond Standard Google Analytics

Bionic long ago simplified the complicated process of creating a Google Analytics tracking URL. By simply entering your landing page in your media plan, Bionic automatically generates your custom GA tracking URL.

However, what if your workflow requires more than the standard Google Analytics Tracking URL? What if you are using – close your ears Google – another analytic tool?

Bionic introduces the new
Custom Tracking URL Builder

The new Custom Tracking URL Builder expands the capabilities of a Google Analytics Tracking URL yet is flexible enough for other analytic tools such as Adobe Analytics, HubSpot, or even offline conversion tracking. From the simplicity of a campaign name to the complexity of unlimited parameter values, this ultimate URL Builder is now part of Bionic Media Planner.

Setting Up Custom Tracking Patterns

For longtime users of Bionic, by default, the system generates the same UTM attributes to determine the tracking pattern as it has in the past. You can access the new options by going to your Organization Administration settings. Here, you’ll see a new tab labeled – Tracking URLs. When you select + Add New Pattern, a panel allows you access the powerful Custom Tracking URL Builder features.  Watch the webinar below for a detailed demonstration of the Custom Tracking URL Builder.

Add a Tracking Pattern


With the ability to create unlimited unique patterns and then make them available to either All Advertisers or Selected Advertisers, you can customize reporting for individual client needs. Whether they prefer high-level analytics or a detailed drill-down, the flexibility for in-depth customization takes minutes to set-up and apply to any campaign.

Open Field Parameters Meet Custom Columns

After determining your delimiter (character between parameter values), the Parameters include a Key and a Value. The Parameter Key is a free text field that also includes a dropdown menu with all five standard Google UTM attributes described in more detail below. The Parameter Value is where the magic happens.

You have access to EVERY column and EVERY custom column in your Bionic account as both text and, when available, code. What does this mean to you? You now have flexibility, control, and the ability to gain deep insights into performance analytics. From unique placement IDs to channel information, you can track what is performing and what audience it is reaching.

Bionic and Integrations Working Together

The expanded UTM attributes include Term and Content in addition to Source, Medium, and Campaign that have been the default in previous versions. The ability to define the field by selecting what column populates the parameter value, adding multiple fields per Key (or UTM), and adding a prefix to any field are new capabilities in the Bionic Custom Tracking URL Builder. When you are ready to execute your campaign, efficiently export trafficking sheets, Tracking URL sheets, or use your Ad Server integration with a click of a button.

Export Tracking URLs

Optimize Campaigns by Monitoring Performance

By enabling auto-tagging in Google Ads, your campaign data is automatically imported into Google Analytics so that you can track how paid programs are working in real-time. Take advantage of your data source integrations in Bionic to monitor Performance Pacing Reports, media spend, and more. You may want to note with this release, the Ad Serving option under campaign settings has been changed to Integrations and is where you can select unique Tracking URL Patterns for each campaign.

Campaign Settings Integrations


When you can aggregate campaign data in real-time, you can analyze conversion paths. In a multi-channel campaign knowing what part of the sales funnel each placement performs best empowers marketers to optimize creative and reallocate media spend, not just to hit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but to increase conversions.

Workflow Improvements

Media Operations teams appreciate the fast pace of executing a campaign. When Tracking URLs are built outside of the Media Plan efficiencies in the workflow are lost. Media teams usually have to partner with an IT, Analytics, or Operations team to generate and maintain Tracking URLs. When last-minute changes to the media plan occur, version control of separate spreadsheets can become unwieldy. If each Tracking URL lives with the placement, not only is time saved, but errors are eliminated from the workflow. Creating the Tracking URL Pattern with consistent delimiters and parameters is completed once and is done.

Tracking URLs in Media Plan


Watch the Webinar

Below is the recording of the webinar on our new Custom Tracking URL Builder.  The webinar gives you an overview of the Builder’s benefits and a live demonstration of the software in action.



Implementation or Questions

If you are a current user of Bionic Media Planner, your Client Success Manager can answer any questions you may have to implement the right Tracking URL Pattern for each one of your clients. If you would like to learn more about how Bionic can transform your Media Planning and Buying process, request a Demo to get started.

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Bionic's Custom Tracking URL Builder

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