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Bionic for Advertisers

Gain Control of Your Media Investments

Get the only software that gives you 100% transparency and accountability of your media investments.

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Advertising… yeah, it’s complicated.


Today’s advertising supply chain is increasingly complex and treacherous.  It’s hard to know if your media investments are working or wasted. It’s even harder to know if you’re getting the performance you were promised.

It’s clear this wild west mentality will no longer be tolerated.

Achieve Unprecedented Transparency, Accountability, and Control

Bionic Gives You the Tools You Need to Police Your Media Investments.

With Bionic, you’ll gain unprecedented transparency, accountability, and control of your media investments.

Trusted by Top Advertisers

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Annual Media Investments Managed through Bionic

Bionic is trusted by thousands of advertisers to manage more than $1 billion of media investments annually.


“Bionic is the silent partner that sits there that absorbs all this information, takes it, houses it, turns it into reporting that then you can use for whatever project or presentation you need. Bionic has really saved us and has changed the way we do business.”

Anna Maria Addesso, Apple Vacations

Clients Love These Media Investment Management Tools


Know Exactly Where Your Money is Going

Bionic Media Investment Management Software gives you unprecedented transparency by enabling you to break down and track 100% of your advertising investments, including all those devious little ad technology and data fees.


Monitor Advertising Performance

You can’t risk flying blind with your media investments anymore. With Bionic, you see daily pacing reports against all of your campaign objectives: spending, exposure, engagement, conversions, and all your other Key Performance Indicators.


Centralize Your Agency Relationships

Monitor all your media investment activities across all your agencies, whether in-house or external, in one, clean centralized system.

Scrutinize Audit Trails

As you, your teammates, and your agencies are changing budgets, authorizing budgets, assigning PO numbers, connecting placements, placing orders, and making other changes, Bionic is automatically tracking every move behind the scenes in a complete audit trail.

You can use this audit trail to investigate unusual changes or simply to report on the lifecycle of changes to media budgets and media plans. This powerful history tool has many applications.

Get Clean Media Investment Data for Your Marketing Database

You can’t analyze your media investments if your data is littered across spreadsheets and platforms. With Bionic Media Investment Data Pipe, you get a clean feed of media investment data into your marketing database including media plan data, itemized costs, KPIs, and performance data.

“Confidence Gained”

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Is Bionic Right for You?

You’re Going to Love Bionic if…

You will love Bionic if you’ve been struggling to answer questions like these:

  • Where are our media investments really going?

  • Are we paying too much for media?

  • Are our vendors delivering what they promised?

  • Are our advertisements returning the results we expected?

  • Should we pay the vendor’s invoice?

Bionic’s revolutionary software will answer these critical questions and many others you’ve been striving to answer.

Best of all… It’s Free!

Bionic for Advertisers is free. However, yes, there is a catch… You have to be connected to at least one agency using Bionic for Agencies for your Bionic account to be useful.

Your agencies can be in-house agencies, external agencies, or any combination of internal and external agencies.  You can connect with an unlimited number of agencies to centralize the management of your media investments.

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Unlike other tools that take months to install, you can be up and running on Bionic in just a few hours. Bionic is 100% web-based, so your new account can be set up in a matter of minutes. Bionic’s intuitive interface enables you to be productive with little or no training, but you get unlimited training and support anyway! You can customize and integrate Bionic with standard tools. In short, you can level up your media investment management system very quickly and without the pain.

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Your Bionic subscription includes unlimited training. No hidden fees!

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You get unlimited support via telephone, email, or chat. Our goal is for you to succeed.

Extensive Documentation

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You’ll get access to a knowledgebase of articles and videos to help you on your quest to master Bionic.

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