Marketing Governance Software for Advertising Media Investments

Transparency. Accountability. Control.

As a steward of an advertising media budget in the treacherous world of modern advertising, you are likely implementing a “trust, but verify” policy with all your media investments. This wise approach will give you the transparency, accountability, and control you need to survive and thrive.

The problem is, like most other advertisers, you don’t have the tools you need to implement this governance policy. So, you are left with a frustrating situation: you have a marketing governance mandate from executives above, but lack the tools you need to implement the mandate in the field.

And the clock is ticking.

Fortunately, Bionic can provide you with marketing governance software that enables you to carefully monitor your advertising media investments. In today’s environment, you need more than a handshake to ensure your media budget is spent properly. Bionic will help you to implement corporate controls necessary for careful oversight of your media buying activities.

Advertising Media Investment Database

The foundation of a marketing governance system for advertising media is a media investment database.

A binder full of Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks won’t cut it anymore. An opaque solution like this leaves you blind and unable to properly analyze and monitor your media investments.

Bionic will help you to create your own proprietary media investment database that enables you to analyze your investments from every perspective. This will ensure your media investments match your goals and compliance with your rules.

Marketing Performance Monitoring

The “killer app” on top of your marketing investment database is a marketing performance monitoring system.

While many marketing platforms provide performance data, none will tell you if they are meeting your marketing objectives. They only give you pieces of the puzzle. This leaves you with the problem of piecing is all together to gain an accurate picture of your true marketing performance.

Bionic’s powerful marketing performance monitoring capabilities give you the tools you need to finally gain transparency into the otherwise opaque world of marketing performance. Bionic brings together performance data from all your marketing platforms. Then Bionic goes a step further and compares your marketing performance against your goals and provides you with clear and concise reports on your actual performance.

No smoke and mirrors. Just clear and timely facts. And full accountability to your goals.

Next Step to Implementing Your Marketing Governance Policy

To learn how Bionic can help you implement your marketing governance policies, request a demo.