Finally, Clean Media Plan Data to Feed Your Marketing Database

As a marketing data scientist, you depend on clean and timely marketing data in order to run your data models and to glean marketing insights. Unfortunately, your media planning team insists on feeding you their media plans in useless excel spreadsheets. You know there’s a goldmine of valuable data stored in those spreadsheets, but it’s virtually impossible to extract, transform, and load this hopelessly contaminated data.

The Marketing Database You’ve Been Dreaming About


Media plan data is a critical part of building the marketing database that you and your whole organization have been dreaming about. It has all the details on media spending patterns such as advertising vehicles, vendors, media channels, start dates, end dates, rates, quantities, net media cost, gross media cost, CPM, CPP, GRP, marketing goals, and KPI. Your marketing database needs media plan data with the following qualities:

  • Standardized and properly coded;
  • Serialized with unique primary keys to enable solid connections with other data in your database;
  • Enforces your proprietary naming conventions;
  • Finely granulated to enable date range studies and slicing and dicing;
  • Contains a daily pacing schedule for each of your marketing objectives;
  • Contains marketing performance data from various marketing execution platforms; and, most importantly;
  • Delivered as a structured data feed, not as a bunch of spreadsheets on a shared drive.

This is the table stakes for any great marketing database. Fortunately, you finally have some good options to get clean media plan data to feed your marketing database.

Clean Up Your Media Planning Process


The best way to get clean media plan data is to clean up your upstream media planning process. With any Excel-based media planning process, your media plan data is being polluted at the source. By the time it gets to you, it’s so contaminated that it’s indigestible from a data perspective.

Moving away from Excel to purpose-built media planning software stops the contamination of data before it can start. When shopping for a system look for one that enforces data integrity and your data standards in your media plans.

Bionic can provide your media planning team with modern, web-based media planning software that streamlines their day while providing a pristine data feed for your marketing database. There is no learning curve for your media team so they will be up and running in no time. If they know how to use Excel, they already know how to use Bionic.

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Media Plan Data Extraction Service


Media planners are creatures of habit and their addiction to Excel is infamous. Getting them to kick the habit and switch to a real media planning system is a big ask. Even attempting to let them drive the initiative by displaying the potential improvements it could have on their daily grind may not be enough to get them on board.

If your media planning team won’t budge from Excel, Bionic offers the Media Plan Data Extraction Service as an alternate solution. The service transforms useless Excel media plan spreadsheets into clean marketing data. All you have to do is send us your contaminated spreadsheets and we’ll run it through our datafication process revealing the crystal clean data you need.

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We’re a Bunch of Data Nerds, too


We’ve been building kickass marketing databases since it was called “data warehousing” back in the 90s. While we’ve since ditched our grunge look, we can still speak the language of big data, Third Normal Form, Star Schema, DSS queries, ETL, merge purge, attribution, and can totally nerd out with you. We’ve successfully built some of the biggest marketing databases in the world and want to help you build your dream database.

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