Media Plan Data Extraction Service

Turn your useless media plan Excel spreadsheets into powerful marketing data using this 10-step media plan data extraction service from Bionic.

Media Plans are a Rich Source of Marketing Intelligence


As a smart marketer, you know that good data is critical to successful campaigns. In a world full of variables, data provides you with the information needed to uncover what works best for the situation at hand. Media plans are some of the richest sources of marketing intelligence. It contains all the details about how you plan to spend your advertising budget, who is getting your money, and the objectives you plan to achieve with your advertising. You just need a way to extract all this data to an easy to measure format.

But Media Plan Data are Locked Away in Useless Spreadsheets


Most marketers can’t access their media plan data because too many plans are created or delivered in a spreadsheet format. Since you can’t run queries and reports against a bunch of spreadsheets the plans become virtually useless for analysis and tracking in business intelligence applications.

Using spreadsheets to build media plans significantly hampers your ability to gather information because:

  • You can’t analyze your media plans.
  • You can’t report on spending trends.
  • You can’t compare your actual marketing performance to your plans.
  • You can’t connect with other marketing data.
  • You can’t load your media plan data into a database.
  • You can’t be sure your team is working from the same data set.

The list goes on and on. As a result of your limited data you can’t make informed investment or optimization decisions.

Extract Powerful Marketing Data from Your Media Plans


To gather media spending intelligence, your key is to extract the media plan data from your media plans. This means transforming your media plan spreadsheets into a useful data through a transformation process.

How the Media Plan Data Extraction Service Works


Bionic will datafy your media plans. Just simply email us your media plan spreadsheets and our 10-step process will churn out the data you’ve been missing out on:

  1. Structure – Converts your unstructured spreadsheets into structured data fields.
  2. Identify – Assigns unique serial numbers to every campaign and line item.
  3. Standardize – Transforms non-standard entries into recognized nomenclature for common fields like media channel and cost method.
  4. Name – Applies your standard placement naming conventions.
  5. Verify – Validates the accuracy of costing calculations. Excel-based media plans are notoriously error-prone.
  6. Connect – Connects your media plan line items to a directory of advertising programs and products. This enables trend analysis and pricing comparisons and guidance.
  7. Categorize – Categorizes your spending by categories – both standard categories and custom categories that you define. This ensures consistent coding for spending analysis.
  8. Granulate – Breaks down your media plan into daily metrics and goals for each line item. This enables day by day tracking, pacing calculations, and time-based rollups.
  9. Analyze – Gives you get a detailed breakdown of your media plan spending patterns.
  10. Integrate – Gives you a structured data feed that can be loaded into your marketing data warehouse along with your other marketing performance data.

Uncover New Insights into Media Spending Patterns


As soon as your media plan data has been extracted, you will uncover new insights into media spending patterns. With your new media planning database, you can:

Feed Your Marketing Database with Healthy Media Plan Data


If you already have a marketing database, your team will love the output from the Media Plan Data Extraction Service. In any marketing database project, the majority of the effort is spent acquiring and loading clean, structured data. With the Media Plan Data Extraction Service, your media plan data can be easily connected and combined with the other data in your marketing database. Enabling your business intelligence tools will finally deliver real intelligence about your media plans.

The Cost… It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Although there’s a lot of manual labor at work, the cost of the Media Plan Data Extraction Service won’t break your budget because we use powerful software and automation to keep your costs to a minimum. It’s only $0.25 per line item, which includes standard media plan fields. Custom media plan fields are available for an additional $0.05 per line item. Please note the minimum order is $20.00.

Learn More and Price Quote

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