No Nonsense Pricing and Terms

Don’t you hate it when a vendor won’t tell you their pricing up front? With Bionic there are no surprises or pushy salespeople playing shell games with pricing. We give you the costs up front before wasting a lot of time in evaluations.

Bionic is $125 per user per month

No gimmicks, no promotional pricing or long-term agreements. You get a fair price for a complete product. The Bionic Media Planning Software is an excellent value at only $125 per user per month. It typically pays for itself in the first month in time savings alone.

You get a lot more than just great software. Bionic is 100% cloud-based and is a turn-key business service. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you’re good to go. You get free upgrades, free training, free support, bank-grade security, 24/7 system monitoring, data backups, and an Always On Guarantee.

External data feeds (optional)

Bionic enables you to monitor your marketing performance and track your pacing against your marketing goals. In order to do this, Bionic needs data from external systems such as ad servers, advertising platforms, DSPs, site analytics, eCommerce systems, and other systems that track online and offline marketing performance.

There are two ways to load this data into Bionic: (1) manually via an excel upload or (2) automatically via a data feed. Manual uploads are covered by your basic subscription. Each automated data feed is an additional $100 per month.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you sign up for Bionic Media Planner, you get a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. There’s no risk to get started.

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time

At Bionic, we don’t believe you should be locked in to long-term contracts. You should stay with Bionic because you love the software and the service. This forces us to keep improving, knowing that we have to earn your business every day. We’ve been operating this way for 15 years and it’s worked out well – customers stick with us.

You also have the flexibility to upgrade (add users) or downgrade (reduce users) at any time. So, it’s easy to adapt Bionic to your business needs.

  • Cost Per User
  • $125per month
  • 3-user minimum order
  • +$100 per month for each external data feed (optional)
  • Flexible Month-to-Month Licensing
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Free Software Upgrades
  • Includes Unlimited Free Training
  • Includes Unlimited Free Support

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Bionic is a powerful media planning and buying system

Advanced intelligence and workflow automation for today's modern media planner.

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