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Visualize Your Advertising Effectiveness

Create beautiful advertising dashboards to understand the value of your advertising and to make smarter media buying decisions.

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Create Stunning Advertising Dashboards

If you can imagine it, you can build it. Bionic Data Studio gives you unfettered access to your media planning and marketing performance data through Google Data Studio.

Delight Your Clients with Surprising Insights

Leverage Google Data Studio

Analyze Advertising Data Like a Boss

Bionic Data Studio lives inside Google Data Studio. This combination enables you to tap into Bionic’s rich media spending and marketing performance database through Google’s powerful reporting tools. You gain unprecedented transparency and accountability of your advertising media investments.

Analyze Media Spending Patterns

Know Exactly Where Your Money Goes

Bionic Data Studio enables you to scrutinize every aspect of your media investments. You have full control over report contents and appearance.

Analyze Marketing Performance

Is Your Media Working?

Unlike other BI tools, Bionic Data Studio reveals how your advertising is pacing against your business objectives. Bionic’s unparalleled pacing capability brings your reporting into the C-suite.

Schedule Reports

Automate Your Reporting

Bionic Data Studio enables you to automate all your reporting through ultra-reliable scheduling and delivery tools.

Best of All… It’s Free!

The Bionic Data Studio is a free add-on to your paid Bionic for Advertisers or Bionic for Agencies subscription.

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Unlike other reporting tools that take months to set up, you can be up and running on Bionic Data Studio in less than one minute:

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