Bionic Messenger

Instant Messaging for Media Professionals

Better than Email, Texting, FB, Slack, Basecamp… Bionic Messenger is the best tool for communicating with your advertising media partners.

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What is Bionic Messenger?

Bionic Messenger provides secure, reliable, and organized instant messaging that connects buyers and sellers of advertising media – media planners, media buyers, and ad sales reps.

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Better than Email

Anyone who’s every heard “sorry, it got lost in my spam folder” knows email isn’t reliable. Even when it is delivered, it’s easy to get lost because it gets mixed in with tons of other email.

In contrast, Bionic Messenger always delivers your messages, securely. Bionic messages never get lost because they are automatically organized for you.

Better than Slack

Messaging tools like Slack and Teams are chaotic and disorganized. Unless you are constantly tuned in, it’s impossible to keep track of the conversations. If you come in late, it’s hard to catch up.

In contrast, Bionic Messenger is super clean. All your conversations are automatically organized, which makes it easy for you find all the discussions related to a client, media plan, RFP, or whatever. And all conversations are neatly archived for your colleagues.

Better than Basecamp

Project management tools like Basecamp are a hassle to set up.  While great for keeping big projects on track for internal teams, project management tools don’t work well for communicating with external partners.  It’s not feasible to set up a new project every time you want to talk with someone about a media program or an RFP.

In contrast, Bionic Messenger was built specifically for communicating with your trading partners. Because they already have a Bionic login, there’s not setup. Just hit the “Start New Conversation” button and you are communicating instantly.

Built for Media Professionals

Bionic Messenger was built exclusively to connect buyers and sellers of advertising media – media planners, media buyers, and ad sales reps. It’s seamlessly integrated with your daily workflow. It’s easy to connect with your media partners to discuss business. And it’s separate from your personal life.