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157 agencies purchase more than $3.6 billion of advertising media on Bionic. Are you getting your fair share?

If you’re waiting for RFPs to arrive in your inbox, you’ve been losing deals every day.

Bionic Premium helps you reach media planners when it matters most – at the start of their media planning process. They’ve got a fresh budget. They haven’t made any decisions. They haven’t yet been sold by your competitors.

How Premium Helps You Win Media Budgets

Ad Sales Automation

Meet Amelio: Your Ad Sales Bot

Bionic Premium features Amelio, an AI-powered ad sales bot that works 24/7/365 uncovering ad sales opportunities, pitching your ad inventory, and originating ad sales deals.

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Premium Placement

Get First Look on Every New Campaign

With Premium listings, you’re much more likely to get noticed when a media planner creates a new media plan. That’s because only Premium listings are included in the default media plan recommendations. In fact, since less than 5% of listings are Premium, you’re 20 times more likely to be seen.

Premium Tagging

Stand Out in Media Searches

Unlike the majority of listings, your media listings will be prominently highlighted as “Premium” in search results. This will attract the attention of media planners as they are searching for media for their media plans.

Premium Workflow

One Click to Media Plan Victory!

While it’s great to be noticed, it’s even better to get into the media plan. Bionic brings you right up to the doorstep of the media plan. All it takes is one click and you’re in!


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