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Influence Media Planners While Media Planning

Tap into $1.5 billion++ of advertising media spending with free listings in the Catalog of Advertising Programs.

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Present Your Advertising Programs

Bionic’s Catalog of Advertising Programs enables you to Reach Media Planners at hundreds of advertising agencies who use Bionic for Agencies to place $1.5 billion++ of advertising media.

Publishing good listings will enable you to get found by media planners when it matters most – while they are media planning!

Introduce Your Advertising Program

The Overview tab introduces media planners to your advertising program with branding, images, video, descriptions, media kits, and summary information.

Connect Your Ad Sales Team

The Contacts tab connects media planners to your ad sales team with contact info that used for RFPs, and IOs, and general inquiries.

Present Your Audience Profile

The Profile tab enlightens media planners on the audience they will reach through your advertising program with visualizations of demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral and other statistical breakdowns.

Showcase All Your Advertising Products

The Products tab educates media planners on your ad program’s full spectrum of advertising options across all media channels – digital, print, TV, radio, billboard, and every other media channel you support.

Webinar: How to Boost Ad Sales with Bionic


In this recorded webinar, Casey and Joe show you how to create and manage your listings in the Catalog of Advertising.

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Publishing listings in Bionic’s Advertising Catalog is free.

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