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How to Reach Media Planners

Bionic enables you to get noticed by more media planners, to get into more media plans, and to GROW your ad sales revenue.

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How to Boost Ad Sales with Bionic


In this recorded webinar, Casey and Joe show you how to boost your ad sales using Bionic’s free tools for publishing your programs in the Catalog of Advertising, handling RFPs, and tracking your performance.

Bionic can help you to turn cold prospects into ad sales opportunities with growth tools.

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Catalog of Advertising – Program Listings

Your foundation for success on Bionic is your Catalog of Advertising Programs. Bionic gives you all the tools you need to create perfect listings.

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Catalog of Advertising – Premium Listings

Bionic’s Premium Listings Program puts your ad inventory in front of media planners every time they create a new media plan.

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Sponsored Media Planners

Bionic’s Sponsored Account Program enables you to sponsor media planners’ access to Bionic for Agencies in exchange for a closer relationship with sponsored media planners: sponsorship banner in their media planning app, an email alert every time they create a new campaign, and a “share of wallet” report.

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Media Planner Email Broadcast

Bionic’s email broadcast service enables you to reach Bionic’s network of 6,000+ media planners with your standalone email message. Bionic will handle setup, testing, delivery, and tracking.

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Media Planning Webinar

Bionic will help you reach media planners through a live webinar. Bionic will take care of all the logistics of setting up the webinar, inviting media planners, and hosting your webinar. In addition to the exposure you get at your webinar, you get the list of registrations and a video recording of your webinar.

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Custom Package

Got an idea on how Bionic can help you reach media planners? Let’s work together to bring your idea to life.

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