As part of the launch of the Bionic brand, we’ve also created a new logo that embodies our mission and values.

You’ll notice the visual emphasis on the “IO” part of “BIONIC.” The focus is on the “IO” because the “IO” or “Insertion Order” is the main transactional unit of commerce in media buying and selling. One of Bionic’s primary goals is to streamline (vs. eliminate) the Insertion Order process. The other aspect is of the “IO” in this typeface is that it doubles as “10” (one zero): representing binary code used in computers and software. Bionic is using advanced automation software such as web APIs and Programmatic Direct to achieve its goals.

The Myriad Pro typeface used in the logo puts Bionic in a peer group that represents characteristics we strive to emulate: Apple (user experience), Google Gmail (communication), Linkedin (business networking), Mashable (latest technology), Rolls-Royce (quality), Walmart (value, supply chain), and Wells Fargo (commerce).

Plus, we think it looks good. We hope you like it, too.