“Remember why you got into advertising?” That’s the first line of a new animated video called “This is Bionic,” which highlights Bionic’s core beliefs and goals. The video lets the team tell the story of how Bionic is bringing the joy back into advertising. How many voices can you recognize?

Here’s the narration:

Remember why you got into advertising?

You wanted to be creative, strategic… to see the results of your labor right in front of your eyes.

But somewhere along the way your job became mostly… robotic . And creativity and strategy were replaced with spreadsheets and platform pedaling.

Here at Bionic, we believe that software should automate the mindless tasks you hate. And free you to spend more time strategizing better advertising campaigns.

We believe the right technology can unlock your full potential. Meaning less time playing tag with copy and paste… Fewer late nights at the office… More high fives from the head honchos… And way happier clients.

This is why you got into advertising.

This is Bionic.