Companies are constantly coming up with ingenious ways to integrate workflow automation. These impressive advancements resulted in the creation of the Bionic Agency of the Year award to recognize the advertising agency that has made the most significant improvements in workflow automation technology that reduces non-working media costs, improves results for advertisers, and increases job satisfaction for its employees.

This year we received a record number of entries. All demonstrated exceptional efforts towards streamlining their day-to-day work. In the end, two entries rose to the top. After hours of debate, it was decided that both James & Matthew and PSquared Digital had so far exceeded expectations in foresight, dedication, and results that the only fair outcome was to name both a Bionic Agency of the Year.

Rochester agency, PSquared Digital identified and focused on streamlining workflows in two key areas of their practice: SEO and media buying. In 2016, they demonstrated the resolve necessary to successfully implement a major organizational change and it is paying off in spades.

By utilizing a mixture of SEMRush and Moz for SEO and Bionic for media buying, PSquared has increased efficiency across the agency and shaved off an average of two full workdays over the course of a campaign. The decision to employ Bionic as the central system for their media buying has contributed to a 20 percent revenue growth and doubled profits.

The biggest savings have been recognized in eliminating rework and streamlining information access and process. Not only does this relieve frustration and fatigue, but it frees up the PSquared team to focus on strategic issues rather than manual corrections.


*PSquared Digital has since rebranded to Accountable Digital