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In this video we’ll show you how Bionic can help you traffic your digital placements on Google DCM.

Normally it’s a ton of work to go into each ad server and get it ready to run your ads, this includes trafficking all of your placements into your ad server. Bionic helps automate this process for you!

In our example we have a campaign with ten product placements. What we want to do is get everything into Google’s DoubleClick Campaign Manager. To do this, click export, and then click the DCM Placement Import button, then click Export.

Bionic will now export a file that has all the information Google needs to import inits DCM bulk upload format. As you can see in our example, this is formatted in exactly the way that Google likes in Google’s proprietary format.

What you can do with this excel sheet now is login to Google’s DCM, go to your Campaign and press the import button to import this Excel file into your Campaign. What this will do is just create ten placements with all the correct information entered for you. You still will need to upload your ads, but Bionic’s automation system will save you a ton of time and effort in doing the parts of your job you enjoy the least. This helps you eliminate mistakes and get your job done faster.

This concludes our quick overview of how to Traffic your Digital Placements in Google DCM.

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