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In this video we’ll show you how to traffic your digital placements on Sizmek.

One of the biggest challenges with media planning is that once your plan is complete, the next step is to go into your ad server and set it up. It is a very labor intense and detail oriented process that can cause a lot of problems.

Bionic helps to automate this process within Sizmek.

In our example you can see that we have a media plan with ten different vendors. In order to upload this media plan to Sizmek, click on the Export button in the top right. Then click on the Sizmek Placement Import box. Then click Export.

This will generate an excel spreadsheet in a format that Sizmek likes. Sizmek calls this their “bulk upload sheet”. It allows you to upload a whole bunch of placements at once. Everything is laid out correctly and easily for Sizmek to read and import.

In our example you can see the listings of our ten sites, placement names, start and end dates and much more. If you scroll to the right more information will be shown on the sheet for use in Sizmek, including a site contact information in case something goes wrong with your ad on Sizmek’s server.

Next you can now login to Sizmek and then import your file into your Campaign. That will create the ten placements you need in Sizmek server for you with all the accurate information filled in. You will still need to go in and upload your ads and then associate them with the appropriate placements and information. But Bionic helps eliminate the labor intensive process of online ad creation and placement with some easy to follow tools.

This concludes our overview of how to Traffic Digital Placements inside Sizmek.

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