Bionic Advertising Systems is seeking a Marketing Director to lead our marketing efforts.

Bionic is an advertising technology company based in Hanover, New Hampshire. Bionic’s clients are companies all over the world that buy advertising on behalf of themselves (marketers) or on the behalf of others (advertising agencies). Clients use Bionic because it helps them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Clients love Bionic because it helps them to get their life back shifting their time from low-value “grunt work” to high-value strategic work.

If you join Bionic, you’ll be running marketing for a company that sells marketing technology to marketers. Clearly, there’s a lot of marketing happening here. If you love marketing, this is the right place for you!

As Bionic’s Marketing Director, you’ll be responsible for setting the marketing strategy, creating the marketing plan, and executing on your plan. Your primary goals are to increase awareness and understanding of Bionic’s services and to generate qualified sales leads to the sales team.

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