Tyler Kruse has just joined Bionic Advertising Systems as our Communications Director. In this new role, Tyler will help media planning and buying teams to easily understand who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

According to Chief Marketing Technologist, there are 3,874 marketing technology solutions.  I don’t envy anyone having to have to navigate this mess. A big part of Tyler’s job will be to help you understand how Bionic stands apart from all this confusion. (Hint: there are only a few media planning tools on the market, and Bionic is the only one that’s not obsolete.)

Tyler will also share information that will help you to be the best at your job in media planning and buying. Part of Tyler’s remit is helping you to be successful – to help you win the best clients and to hire and retain the best talent.

A big part of that will be showcasing how media planning teams use Bionic media planning software to tackle everything from complex issues to daily annoyances. If you have an interesting story on how Bionic saved the day – or saved your team hours out of their’s – Tyler would love to share it.

Tyler comes to Bionic all the way from Hawaii. He just started four days ago, but he’s already become best friends with every single person here in the office by sharing a batch of Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts in the break room.


We’re already learning a lot from Tyler. Besides work stuff, he’s given us some secrets on Pokémon GO. And we’re learning about Hawaii. Yesterday Tyler told us about “vog” which is a portmanteau of volcano fog. Turns out it’s a real nuisance because of the smell and health issues, but Tyler says, “You get used to it.” We say the same thing about snow here in New Hampshire.

Prior to Bionic, Tyler served in the communications office for Governors Ige and Abercrombie in his home state of Hawaii. Most recently helped shape messaging and public outreach strategies for the Ulupono Initiative.

Welcome, Tyler!