Bionic today unveiled a new ad sales tool that enables ad salespeople to benchmark their advertising programs against their competitors’ advertising programs. The purpose of this tool is to help ad salespeople to understand their position in the marketplace – including market share – and to gain competitive insights.

Using this new ad sales benchmarking tool is easy. Best of all, it’s free to qualified ad sales professionals.

Identify Your Competitors

Your first step in benchmarking is to identify your competitors against whom you wish to benchmark your ad programs. Bionic makes it easy for you to create your list of competitors with its lookup tool. Don’t forget to include your own programs in this list!

Suppose you are selling radio ads in the Minneapolis market. You can simply type “Minneapolis” in the search box, select “Radio” as the channel, then select your competitors.

You can also use this to look up specific titles like “The New York Times” or “Buzzfeed” or “The Information.”

See How You Compare

Immediately upon establishing your list of competitors, you’ll see how you stack up against your competition. By default, the programs will be sorted by market share with the biggest on top.

Bionic shows you the quality, visibility, number of views, number of placements, amount of ad sales, and market share of each of the programs you’ve selected as benchmarks. Your own programs will be highlighted on the list.

In the example above you see my advertising program for the WJOE radio station highlighted in yellow. You can see that WJOE is ranked #3 in the market with a market share of 16.62%. You can also see the market share of each of my competitors and the details of their advertising programs.

See a Demo


Here’s a 3-minute demo of the Ad Sales Benchmarking Tool in action.

Watch a Webinar


Here’s a 20-minute webinar that demonstrates the benefits of the Ad Sales Benchmarking tool.

How to Get the Ad Sales Benchmarking Tool

If you’re already using Bionic for Ad Sales, you already have the Ad Sales Benchmarking Tool. Your account was automatically upgraded for free with this new tool. The next time you log in, you’ll notice a new “Benchmarking” tab. Contact support for any questions using the tool.

If you don’t yet have Bionic for Ad Sales, you can request your free account here:

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