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Bionic gives you complete control of your advertising budget

Finally, a comprehensive, up-to-date view of all your advertising initiatives.
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Marketing is a tough job. Your job is even harder when your advertising data is scattered in spreadsheets and systems throughout your organization. You can’t effectively manage what you can’t see.

There are lots of ways that advertising gets sub-divided into “silos”: organizational silos, functional silos, financial silos, channel silos, geographic silos, campaign silos, product silos, and others. While a “divide and conquer” approach is necessary for efficient marketing operations, it creates a management nightmare for the CMO and everyone else in your marketing department that is planning, executing, optimizing, and monitoring your advertising budget.

The Bionic Advertising Management System breaks down the walls between your advertising silos and gives you a comprehensive, up-to-date, 360-degree view of all your advertising initiatives.

Cost Per User

$125per month

Features and Benefits

Media Planning


Do you need to do media planning? Bionic gives you instant access to a complete media planning system: placements, packages, pricing, terms, flight dates, insertion orders, delivery statistics, and more. See product page for full details.

Advertising Flowcharts


Do you need a visual calendar of your advertising programs? Bionic gives you to access up-to-the-minute advertising flowcharts of all your advertising campaigns. This shows you exactly how your advertising budget is spent over time.

Advertising Analytics


Do you need to break down your advertising expenditures? Bionic gives you insight into how your advertising is distributed by channel, by vendor, by campaign, by offer, by creative, by initiative, by geography, by tactic, and more.

Advertising Monitoring


Have you ever been blind-sided when your advertising did not deliver what was promised? Bionic monitors the daily performance of your advertising campaigns and alerts you when your actuals deviate from your plan.

Multi-Channel Advertising


Do you need to see how you are spending your advertising budget across all media channels? Bionic gives you the complete picture: television, radio, newspaper, online display, mobile, social, video, search, native, billboard, e-mail, postal mail, telemarketing, free standing inserts, package inserts, and all other channels, newspapers, magazine, and virtually every other advertising channel.

Advertising Hierarchy


Is your marketing operation structured in a hierarchical organization chart? For example: corporate, regional, and local. This creates a challenge of reporting up and down the org chart. Bionic enables you to run reports at any level in your organization. You can run a report for a particular office, for a whole region, or for the entire organization. Bionic flexibly empowers you to organize your operation however you wish.

Multi-Currency Advertising


Do you deal in more than one monetary currency? Without the right system, reporting on your advertising transactions in different currencies is an accounting nightmare that makes timely reporting impossible. Bionic takes care of this for you by handling all the tricky details of currency exchanges in a manner that even your CFO will admire: fully compliant with FASB and international accounting standards.

Advertising Audits


Do you need to audit your advertising expenditures? Every line of your Bionic media plan gives you an option to view a detailed audit broken out into dozens of components with full transparency. This eliminates costly errors and gives you the confidence you need as a responsible steward of your advertising budget.

Always On Advertising


Do you need 24/7/365 access to your advertising information? In today’s fast-paced world of always-on, agile advertising, it’s critical to stay connected to your advertising data. Bionic is built on a modern web-based platform that enables you to securely access your advertising information from the office, from home, from the road, on your PC, on your phone, and on your tablet.

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