For digital Ad Salespeople, Bionic Advertising Systems has revamped its Ad Sales System, a set of tools that enables you to get more RFPs and to easily submit and track your proposals.

The new Ad Sales System sports a cleaner, more user-friendly interface and offers some dramatic improvements to allow you to put your best foot forward. You can now dynamically reorder the placements within a proposal as you build it. Don’t worry about if you are interrupted while building a proposal—your work is now automatically saved as a draft until you are ready to submit it. Sometimes it is easier to copy-and-edit instead of recreate: now you can clone proposals for rapid-reuse. Oops… just realize you submitted a proposal with a glaring error? With Bionic’s Ad Sales System, you can simply withdraw it to correct your error and resubmit. Additionally, there is now a consolidated proposal life-cycle view that allows you easily see the status of your various proposals all from a single dashboard.

These are just some of the features built to streamline your day, to make your contact with agencies easy and efficient, and most of all, to give you more opportunities to win more deals. Compass takes the hassle out of the RFP process, saves you time, gives you more ‘at-bats’, and increases your ‘batting average’!

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