Advertisers are revolting against wasting huge portions of their digital advertising budgets on “non-working media.” The process of buying digital advertising is notoriously inefficient; Google estimates we are wasting $3.6 million per hour using our current methods. On Monday, I had the privilege of kicking off the “Breaking Down Data” segment of the IAB Ad Ops Summit in New York City with a presentation on “The Revolt against the Inefficiency Tax in Digital Advertising” where we dissected the problem, discussed implications, and presented a path towards reform.

Here’s a video snippet the IAB posted on their YouTube channel:

And here’s the slide deck that went along with it (I wish the slides were in the video because it would make more sense):

Part 2 – The Value of Data

Following my presentation, Angelina Eng of Merkle and Carine Roman of Linkedin presented “The Value of Data” – An agency and publisher articulate the value of data and what it means to their operations, how user data is important in each of their contexts, and the importance of this within the supply chain.

Here’s a snippet of Angelina’s presentation:

And here’s Corine’s segment:

Part 3 – State Management

Jordan Mitchell of The Rubicon Project concluded the three part segment with his presentation on “State Management” – Discuss how to manage the state of data across devices with complex campaign structures and navigate the emerging technology available to help solve it:

One thing that’s clear from all of these presentations: we are entering an era of “people-based marketing” where data and automation are key to success.